How Ezeshas Digital Marketing Journey Took Off

Founded in 2022, Ezeshas mission is to become the standard digital marketplace in Kenya offering a one stop “shop” to buy and sell all products at any time without minimum merchandise requirement or subscription fees. 

The challenge

John launched Ezeshas as a sole owner and he was running all aspects of the business . He had a limitation in approaching  marketing and needed to establish a solid brand identity to differentiate his marketplace from the competition.

John's first challenge was selecting the right social media platform for Ezeshas. He researched different platforms and decided that Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter were the best fit because of their visual nature and potential to showcase the ability in Ezeshas platform.

However, John struggled to build a following on all platforms. He realized that creating engaging content and using relevant hashtags was essential to attract new followers.  The biggest challenge in this was creating a consistent flow of content on all platforms and following keenly on the metrics. He didn't have centralized tools to help with this. 

John realized that he needed to:

  • Maintain a consistent queue of posts on all platforms
  • Analyze the performance of all posts
  • Create highly engaging content

All this needed to be done fast—and with a manageable budget.


The outcome

3+ Hours Saved Daily

With NdovuCloud's social media management platform, Ezeshas is able to schedule posts to all 4 social media accounts from one place. It is possible to schedule all content for 30+ days, allowing time for other important tasks.

25% Increase In Awareness

From gaining followers on all social media accounts to seeing customers onboard the marketplace app, Ezeshas brand has grown from 1 follower to over 1000 and more. The engaging content posted daily has resulted to 5x user engagement. 

Constant Activity On Socials

NdovuCloud's platform ensures that Ezeshas social media platforms are active even beyond normal business hours, keeping followers engaged throughout.

Creation Engaging Content

On top of the social media management platform, NdovuCloud has helped Ezeshas created engaging content for all platforms.

Get started with the most refined digital marketing strategy today.