Client: Sydd Travel Agency

Location: Nairobi Kenya

Industry: Hospitality (Tours and Travel)

Solution: Website

The Problem

Websites are like storefronts - they should be inviting and attractive in order to draw customers in. Unfortunately, Sydd Travel's website was not doing that. It was outdated, difficult to navigate, and just not very user-friendly. potential customers were turned off by it and they were losing business as a result.

The Solution

We helped them restructure their website to reflect the brand and meet the needs of their customers. The new website has a more user-friendly interface and provides easy access to information about their services. It also includes a blog where customers can access educational content.

The Magic Sydd Travel Can Explore With Their Website

The benefits we reap from the having a well designed website

  • The website displays the complete list of domestic as well as international tours offered by Sydd Travel, giving a complete idea to customers and helping them find their dream destination(s) and take the necessary action.
  • Interactive HD images play a very vital role in influencing customers as images speak louder than words. This is one of the major functionalities which Sydd Travels can leverage on in the website to give customers the best impression on visiting the website.
  • Every traveler is afraid to spend a huge amount for the first time at any travel agency or travel company. At this time customer reviews or testimonials plays an important role. The Sydd Travel website has customer testimonials on it. Old travelers can share their traveling experience and mark their reviews on the website which helps future customers form a perfect decision. Thus, customer’s testimonials spread the positive word of mouth about Sydd Travel. 

How It Looks

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