Customer Case Studies

Success might just be one step away! What other organizations have done to achieve success may give you some clues on what you can do to attain it yourself.

Do you want to know other organizations have done to achieve great results? Read on below and find out!

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Salama Lands Real Estate

Find out how Salama Lands Real Estate is benefiting from utilizing Datatrunk - the power in the data they had been collecting without analysing.

Movers Electronics

From figuring out how much inventory they had, ordering more products for drop-shipping stores and accurately predicting future demand; Datatrunk was a game-changer for Movers.

Sydd Travel Agency

Sydd Travel Agency approached NdovuCloud to help them restructure their website. NdovuCloud worked with Sydd Travel Agency to understand their business and redesign their website to better reflect their brand and meet the needs of their customers.

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