Client: Movers Electronics

Location: Nairobi Kenya

Industry: Retail

Solution: Nexselligence

The Problem

All the data for Movers Electronics was being handled manually; from recording of stock to recording of sales. Clearly there was no proper tracking of even the flow of the stock, hence it was not easy to tell which product was selling and which one was not.

The Solution

We proposed Nexselligence for the client and to start of, we analyzed the data which had been accumulated for the previous two months. Below deductions and recommendations were made, confirming that the business owner was not aware of what was happening in the business on a day-to-day basis.

  • Gotv decoders are one of the fastest moving commodities therefore there is a need to frequently stock more of them to ensure the store does not run out of supply of the decoders. Other items that need to be stocked more frequently are the tapes (both clear & yellow), Go Tv aerials & Phelister Aerials since these tend to sell more compared to other items in the shop. 
  • Need to sell more Dstv products since they tend to yield the highest profits for the business.
  • Need to source for cheaper sellers of the Gotv decoders, as this will help with greatly improving profits and bottom line.
  • The least selling items include the twin socket which has yielded revenue of Ksh 100; flower cables V Star Wall Mount, among others. As a result, management may consider not stocking more of these or making offers on them to help sell the faster.
  • The main mode of payment by customers is cash, followed by Mpesa Till and Mpesa MJ. To avoid discrepancies, it is often recommended to use payment methods that reduce handling of cash by shop attendants. By embracing use of Mpesa, it allows for proper record keeping as Mpesa statements can always be generated when comparing sales versus money collected.
  • Need to stock more of their fast moving commodities.
  • There is a need to encourage customers to pay through M-Pesa and avoid cash transactions. This is a control measure that will help with discrepancies in cash collected and recorded sales.
  • Owner needs to be constantly aware of items that are available in stock. He can do this by tracking inventory on Nexselligence and comparing with information provided by shop attendants.
  • To ensure store efficiency, items need to be clearly labeled and grouped in a manner where they can be easily extracted. This will in turn help with reducing the time taken to serve clients and therefore increase productivity. Shop attendants also need to be taken through all items available in the shop to avoid turning away customers and to help them when recording sales. 
  • There is a need to avoid keeping deadstock items, that is, items that do not sell easily. This can be done by making offers on the items and reducing stocking of the items to make sure the items do not stay too long on the shelves.
  • Use of Google Forms for data entry to avoid spending too much time cleaning data.

Sample Dashboards

This is a sample of the analytics dashboards used to come up with the recommendations. 

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