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Tuskeechat gives you all the tools to manage conversations, build relationships and delight your customers from one place.
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Manage all your Facebook Page and Instagram DMs easily

Connect your Facebook page & Instagram DM with Tuskeechat, and see all the conversations from Messenger.

WhatsApp Business DMs

Create a business account for WhatsApp, connect it with Tuskeechat and start engaging your customers.

Why Customers Love Tuskeechat

We saw a drastic decrease in the number of missed conversations by over 99% and a big reduction on delayed responses. Overall, we were able to get up to an additional 25% more clients through our chat support channels.

Our team works tirelessly to deliver the best service for customers, regardless of their questions or the way they contact us. It’s refreshing to see an interface that takes the clutter out of conversations to make things easy and efficient.

    Customer interaction,on the go

    Tuskeechat for mobile enables you to browse conversations, reply to messages and collaborate with your team. Now available on Android.

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